Been Sooo Long

I’ll even italicize and hyperlink for reinforced effect: it’s been so long, lads. Too long, if I’m honest. Much has gone on and little has been said about it—but that’s alright. A world gone wrong shouldn’t keep us from our busy summers. Still, even though I’ve (improbably) seen all of you in the last two weeks—and was even gifted by one of you (you know who you are…FCK…) yet another epic mix CD that will take me a good 2 1/2 years to fully listen to—I miss your wayward thoughts on music terribly. So in the spirit of those good times, an attempt to break the silence and a nod to recent events, I have posted what I have posted in hopes that it might provoke a little of that chatter that I miss so dearly. Well, that and the more event apropos version of this Po-Po classic is unembeddable. Well, that and the Erin Andrews peep hole youtubage had been scrubbed from the interwebs by decree.

Anyway, as you weren’t!

~ Filibuster Rhymes